About us

Stamp Music was founded as a creative community to encourage, facilitate and share in the creation and recording of new original music. To achieve this Pete Arthur gathered together highly skilled Songwriters, Engineers and Artists for an initial tour in 1997 and the touring continues today.

Music is the creative undercurrent of our society! It permeates our culture at its heart and bookmarks some of the most important moments of our lives.  Stamp wishes to extend the opportunity to all people to create the music that becomes part of our lives and contributes to friendships, families and communities.  Music that is vital and current to the needs and voice of participants.

The 90 minute workshops have been specifically crafted to take participants on a journey into the craft and process of Song Writing and leave them with a demo of the song written.  Whilst ninety minutes is a short time, it has been proven in over 2000 workshops to be the ideal time to produce a song and to capture the imagination of people from any age group.

Musical instrument tuition has been and still is an important part of musical development, however it is Stamp’s desire to take the next step to the creation of original compositions, thus providing the opportunity to expand on the skills already learned and providing a link to a unique expression of talents and abilities.

Whilst the workshops can be of further assistance to music students, no musical experience is required to be involved.  Song Writing is an expressive art form and releases creativity and builds self belief.  It also links in well with literacy and team building programmes and outcomes.  All people are into music of some description and the writing of a song provides a new and often enlightening opportunity.

From 2005 to 2011 Stamp travelled over 200,000 km’s throughout regional and remote South Australia, the Northern Territory and into Victoria, to take this experience to as many people as we could.  2012 sees a similar tour throughout outback South Australia and the Northern Territory, plus some great local projects.

Please see the Workshop Details page on this website for more information about the workshops or contact us if you would like to know more or for us to link you into a tour. PDF Link