What a privilege

Observations by Pete

What a privilege…every time I go to a school and meet the young people I am always inspired by their lives and stories.  It’s like the song is waiting for us to get together and discover it.

I have just been on a tour with my niece Chloe Joyce, a fantastic creative young lady who gave her all to the children and their songs.  She also recognised how fortunate we were to share in the lives of the kids in Minyerri and Urapunga.  Unforgettable moments now recorded and released into the lives of the communities.

Songs carry the dreams, histories, longings and aspirations of all of us, for me being able to be part of so many moments of others allows a peek inside the ideas that are important enough to sing about – ” the bush is fun, we can feel the fresh wind, in the beautiful country”, “I see goanna walking on the sun ground”.

Love it and am forever linked to that country.  I have felt that fresh wind walking the track and marvelled at the beauty of it all.

My challenge is to stay open, listen carefully and treat every idea with the respect it deserves.

Chloe goes back to her job in Atlanta Georgia this week, I reckon when she thinks of home now there will be a part of her that resides by the Roper river with those young boys and girls – ” fly fly fly like a butterfly”!


 Ps. an wen Yu laigim pipul yu garra tridim olabat gudbalawei.


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