There’s only two ways to go at Threeways

Observations by Pete

When you get to Threeways there’s only two ways to go, so says the songwriter. We took the other way for the first time ever on our tour. Some may say “so what”, but as we have passed the turnoff over a dozen times now it became more tempting as time went by.

Where does this road go you may ask…well the road sign says QLD 480k so needless to say the powers that be don’t think there is anything important on the road until the border. This is our Highway 66 after all. Well our map says the Barkley Homestead is a couple of hundred K down the road and that’s where we are headed.

Barkley homestead is roadhouse, bar and Caravan Park, a bit short of halfway to the QLD border. Stop, spend the night, fight the ants and prickles, savour a cold beer, fill up with diesel and move on. Ringers, backpackers, drifters, tourists alike, we are happy to arrive and huddle together at this oasis of sorts. Come dawn the whole place empties like there has been a rumour of gastro or the plague, only to start again in the afternoon.

Cross the Barkley Tableland and as the name suggests in some places there is absolutely nothing but flat grassland. A ranger mate reckons it’s so flat you can see the curvature of the earth. We just stopped and stood there in awe…then I spotted one tree off in the distance and loved it’s defiance to the general rule. “I’m a Tree dammit, a tree i don’t care what you think”.

We ran into someone that night and they thought it was a bloody boring drive and there was nothing to see…reminded me of a Bruce Cockburn lyric. “Depends on what you look at obviously, but even more it depends on the way that you see”. (from Child Of The Wind)

Sometimes nothing is what you need when your brain and spirit are jammed and overstimulated by the noise and clutter of our modern world.

Ahhh nothing, breathe in and out!

Now if I could just get this computer connected I could put up this blog



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