Not a real job

Observations by Pete

“So not a real job then”, says the truckie in response to my confession of being a songwriter.

I splutter and stammer trying to make a witty retort or a scathing comeback like “yeah and your still playing with tonka trucks ”

I mutter “it’s been alright so far mate!

That told him.

Funny, but in that awkward moment of thinking up a reply to such a statement, my mind hit on a thought that “real” is only what each individual person believes has a value or is worthwhile.

I don’t even know whether that makes sense!!

Phrases like, “He’s got it made” or“what a life”, are just statements to make us feel better about how we struggle and strive to make a life that makes sense, and justifies our judgement calls
and preconceptions on the rest of the world.

Anyway on to the next town, we meet the Principal and he came out with, “I’ve never met real life Troubadours before; it’s so exciting to have you here”. This Statement is followed by an invite to dinner, what a contrast to the previous encounter.

I kick the ground mumble thanks under my breath and pretend I have to get something from the van to escape the attention.

What is it that makes you want to fight the negative comments and when the positive comes you want to get the hell out of there.

Makes me think of my mate who goes into bat for those who need justice. He’s like a dog with a bone. Takes it on himself to see the best result come from any situation, then accepts thanks and praise with humility and moves on.

Perhaps the point of life is to make the path easier for those who follow and smoother for the gentle in spirit so they won’t get overrun by the ignorant and cruel.

Probably should give it a run more often.



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