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What a privilege

Observations by Pete What a privilege…every time I go to a school and meet the young people I am always inspired by their lives and stories.  It’s like the song is waiting for us to get together and discover it. I have just been on a tour with my niece Chloe Joyce, a fantastic creative […]

The Future

Observations by Pete Greetings from Umbakumba, well it’s Thursday arvo and the school is empty, the only students here are Jake and Jesse. The rest of the community are attending a funeral. Kerrie and I are onto the mixes, currently mixing Umbakumba Beautiful. It truly is beautiful here…you feel like you are at lands end, […]

Not a real job

Observations by Pete “So not a real job then”, says the truckie in response to my confession of being a songwriter. I splutter and stammer trying to make a witty retort or a scathing comeback like “yeah and your still playing with tonka trucks ” I mutter “it’s been alright so far mate! That told […]

There’s only two ways to go at Threeways

Observations by Pete When you get to Threeways there’s only two ways to go, so says the songwriter. We took the other way for the first time ever on our tour. Some may say “so what”, but as we have passed the turnoff over a dozen times now it became more tempting as time went […]