Samples of songs from 2011 & 2012

June – Sept 2012


Three songs from Mataranka have hit the Stamp Music charts from across the age spectrum:-

Heart Wreck by Stamp Music and Katherine School of the Air Students based at Mataranka School, plus 2 visiting students from Kyabram School.


How Life Flows by Stamp Music and Yrs 3 – 6 students, Mataranka School, Aug 2012.


Happy Song by Stamp Music – Transition to Yr 2 students, Mataranka School, August 2012. Love it – La La Happy Song – What ya gonna do??!


Tennant Creek

Be What You Wanna Be by Stamp Music and Yrs 5/6 Students, Tennant Creek Primary, June 2012. Love the positive message!


Bulla Camp

To carry on their education students have to leave their community after yr 6 and head to large centres from Katherine to Darwin. With a close connection to their communities and families this can be heartwrenching and many just want to come home.
Miss You by Stamp Music and senior students, Bulla School, August 2012.



The Outback is my place by Stamp Music and Senior Students, Yarralin School, August 2012.


Hunting with my family by Stamp Music and Middle Students (Yrs 2-4), Yarralin School, August 2012.


Timber Creek

Culture Strong by Stamp Music and Timber Creek Senior Students, August 2012.


Pigeon Hole

Make the right choice by Stamp Music and Yrs 3 – 6, Pigeon Hole School, August 2012.

March 2012

Bickerton Island

This was our fourth visit it Milyakburra, we’ve written many songs about people, place and culture…time for a dance tune or two!

Party People by Stamp Music & Middle School and Senior School Students of Milyakburra


Turn up the music by Stamp Music & Junior School students of Milyakburra


Selection of songs from 2011

So many miles, so many great songs. The students decide lyrics, melody and style and we try bring it all together. Here’s a taster…


1. Mook Mook

Junior students at Bulla School, NT.  Mook Mook is an owl, what does he do…he stays awake all night, he’s got a big eye…tell it as it is.  We still sing this chorus when we’re tired in the morning.

Mook Mook by Stamp Music


2. Got No Key

Senior Students of Timber Creek School.  Where do they want to go, what do they want to do…not sure.

Got No Key by Stamp Music


3. I Don’t Feel Sad Anymore

Ask many kids where they want to be and they’ll tell you any where but where they are.  Most times when we ask Aboriginal students, they want to be exactly where they are, with their family, in their country.  This song was written with yr 2-4 students from Wugularr after an excursion to Melbourne.  Listen to these little voices break your heart.

I Don’t Feel Sad Anymore by Stamp Music


 4.  Rock the party

We’ve written songs with these students for 5 years now and their voices just soar.  It’s great being in the room, hearing students sing in full voice.  This year they went for a party song.

Rock the Party by Stamp Music


5.  Music

Written with Yr 7 & 8 Students at Alyangula School in November 2011, they took in the topic of music in their lives.

Music by Stamp Music


  6.  Bush Tucker

Transition & Yr 1 students at Robinson River school.  The smile in their voices says it all.

Bush Tucker by Stamp Music


7.  According to you

Senior students from Kadina, Wallaroo and Port Broughton schools were bought together to write and record a song.  Without know each other it was a challenge to expose their thoughts and vocal ideas in front of each other, but I think you’ll agree, they did an amazing job.

According to you by Stamp Music


8.  Rock & Roll Boyz

All the boys from Yr 3 upward joined together to sing about their island and who they are.   With a clip made later and submitted to Vamp TV, we hear this song sung across the NT.  Rock on boys!

Rock and Roll Boyz by Stamp Music


 9.  Live Your Dreams

Be encouraged by the yrs 3-6 students of Mataranka School.

Live Your Dreams by Stamp Music


10.  Hello

Yrs 3 & 4 students of Ramingining welcome you.

Hello by Stamp Music


11.  Cowboy Man

Written with Yr 4 students in Tennant Creek, we returned in 2012 to find this one had become a hit throughout the school.

Cowboy Man by Stamp Music


12. Highway to Ramo

Yrs 8 & 9 Boys – Ramingining.

Highway to Ramo by Stamp Music


13.  Life

Senior class from Robinson River school looking to the future.

Life by Stamp Music


 14.  Happy in the Sun

Transition students from Ramingining.  Yolngu language and culture are still strong so English is definitely a second, third or fourth language.

Happy in the Sun by Stamp Music


15.  Umbakumba is No 1

Written by the Middle Years boys at Umbakumba school.  They have since made a video clip for the song and it topped the charts on Vamp TV (NT Schools internal TV content).  Go boys!

Umbakumbas No 1 by Stamp Music