Real stories

Song Writing and Recording has taken us many places.  Whilst much of our time is spent in schools with students for various reasons be it artistic expression, English as a Second Language & Literacy, a general music programme, education in recording etc, we also work at festivals, with community groups for youth employment, programmes for the homeless, in correctional institutions, health organisations and with individuals and bands who just want to record their songs. Select a story from the sub menu or click on one of the stories below to read more.

Pika Wiya Health Service
Pika Wiya Health work predominantly with Aboriginal people in the wider Port Augusta area across all areas of Health. Included as part of mental wellbeing and expression, we have worked with Pika Wiya since 2006, making CD’s with women, men, young men and mixed groups. 7 CD’s in all.
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Sista Act – Women of Country
Sista Act began as a group of Aboriginal women, passionate to tell the story of Aboriginal women through Australian history and in 2008, they began writing a play for a Fringe Show.
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Crossing age, language and learning barriers
Over the years we have done many sessions with kindy and pre-school kids and had the privilege of working in special needs schools. Often we get told “you won’t get a song out of them” or “they are too young or won’t understand”. We have found that Music is art that speaks to the emotion and the intellect, so many of these moments are our favourites; it’s the wonder of bringing something to life that makes these sessions so exciting.
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Some kids really do have something to say
Sometimes a school will have a topic they’d like pursued, but often they leave it to the students.

On more than one occasion students have come out with heart wrenching topics.
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