Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need musical experience?
No musical experience is required to be involved. We will guide you through the song writing and recording experience. If you have written before, have an idea for a song, play an instrument or love to sing, great, but you don’t need to start with anything other than yourself.

What happens to the songs afterwards?
At the end of the session or project, we burn the songs to CD or load them onto your media players and they are yours. Some schools/groups pass their songs along to local radio stations; many are included on school video presentations and performed at concerts. Some schools/groups make copies to give to all participants or sell as a fund raiser to families and friends.

Are there age limits?
We have worked with young children of 3 years to adults 70 years old. There is no age limit to musical enjoyment and expression and the same goes for song writing.

Are there limits to group numbers?
Whilst we have worked with very large groups, we find that keeping the maximum number somewhere below 25 participants works best. It allows everyone to feel more involved as there is time for everyone to be heard.

Who owns the song?
The writers of both music and lyrics are the owner of the song, as the song is created together the copyright is owned in partnership with everyone involved.

Should I bring an instrument?
It is not necessary to bring and instrument, we bring Electric, Bass and Acoustic guitars and a keyboard.

What do you need?
Stamp Music just need a room suitable for the number of participants, a whiteboard or butchers paper and electricity. We provide all the studio equipment, instruments and blank CDs.