Song Writing Workshops

Stamp Music are all about encouraging development through the creative freedom of song writing. The unique model for these workshops has been developed by Peter Arthur over a fifteen year period.


In Stamp workshops, a new, original song is created and recorded within a 90 minute session. Students have creative input during the whole process and contribute to the style, lyrics and melody. Students then record their song and a CD copy is provided at the end of the session. Songs can be written based on current curriculum topics, as a school song, about local history, to add to a school play or left totally to the imagination and creativity of the students.

Song writing workshops offer students the opportunity to expand their educational and creative horizons, with many schools finding the Literacy and ESL outcome just as important as the freedom of musical expression.  They are of assistance to any teacher in helping create a strong group work ethic and lifting self esteem and worth in every student.

• Literacy
• Team Work, problem solving
• Creative Writing & Expression
• Basic song writing and the recording process
• English as a second language
• Participation and exposure to performing arts

• Growth in self esteem and confidence
• Discovery of unique gifts and talents
• The achievement of making their own CD

What you need to know:
• All we need is a classroom, power and a whiteboard.
• No Musical Experience is necessary to be involved in workshops
• Workshops can be run with all ages in class room groups or specific musical groups.
• Stamp Music can run from one session to complete school CD projects. (CD projects may be in the form of a fundraiser to sell to family and friends, yearbook style as a unique bookmark to the year or songs for a school concert).
• All instruments and recording equipment are provided.

What about when we leave:
We leave you with a CD copy of the song/s, which students can then take copies of for home if they wish. As a school we encourage you to create CD covers in art class and/or perform the songs at assembly, school concert or other local events. Recognition of the song and those involved will further cement the positive outcomes.

Song writing is a continuing process and all song writers continue to grow and develop. This programme can easily be repeated again and again and will always reap rewards. The first time a student experiences the workshop they will gain understanding of song writing and recording and self esteem growth through the achievement. Further workshops whether months or years later will see fluency, more succinct thought processes, more established melodies and styles.
“Music is integral to our lives and creativity is essential for learning and shaping our future.”

Special Projects
Over the past year we have enjoyed the unique opportunity to extend the song writing process in some locations to include EP and Album productions and DVD projects.

The extra time enabled students to return to perform solo vocals, record individual instrument parts, plus record a new group vocal to capture a more succinct performance once the song had been learned.

These styles of projects can enhance the outcomes on many levels. The parents, care givers and community become more involved as often a school performance is attached to the project. Understanding of the song writing and recording process in increased as more time is spent in that environment.

We are currently working on several such projects, each with their own slight twist that best suits the needs of the groups. If you would like to explore the CD project/DVD Clip idea, please feel free to contact us to discuss what you were hoping to achieve and how we can help to make it happen!

To view some of our student examples click here.